GuppyFriend Washbag


GuppyFriend Washbag


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Each time we wash synthetic textiles, tiny microfibers are shed which pollute our rivers and oceans. With a city the size of Berlin releasing a wash-related volume of microfibers equivalent to more than 500,000 plastic bags each day, we believe the time to act is now.

Minimalistically designed and easy to use, the GuppyFriend cares for your garments and the planet. The specifically designed fabric captures stray microfibers released from synthetics during washing, thereby averting any pollution. Using a GuppyFriend means your garments stay beautiful for longer. Its soft non-shed lining greatly reduces fiber loss, enhancing your garments’ lifetime.

The GuppyFriend allows you to see the microfibers it traps after each wash and the pollution you prevented.

How to use your GuppyFriend

  1. Fill your GuppyFriend with your synthetic textiles. Make sure to separate colours and only fill to half capacity
  2. Fasten your GuppyFriend and wash laundry as usual
  3. After washing, take out your wet textiles and remove the released microfibers from the hems of your GuppyFriend via your usual disposal bin


  • Prevents micro-plastics pollution
  • Promotes long lasting quality garments
  • Matierial: polyamid 6.6 untreated
  • Size: 50 x 74 cm / 19.7 x 29.1

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