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With this year’s Fall/Winter collection, IVY & OAK wants to slow down and reflect upon life’s essentials. But reflecting on the past does not have to be melancholy, this collection looks towards an optimistic future – one filled with conscious innovation and meaningful technology. IVY & OAK is ready for a positive change, without losing track of our values: sustainability, fairness, and honesty.

IVY & OAK is designed for brave women who lead change. Motivated by the need for sustainable action, this collection pays homage to natural materials and conscious production processes. Instead of highlighting fleeting trends, think timeless style, pieces that can be worn over years and generations to come.

Every woman is both beautiful and strong, and so this collection celebrates those qualities side by side. Floral patterns and organic drapes are contrasted against powerful tailoring. Neutrals and earthy tones are complemented by deep green and rich red while blue and greyish nuances set the tone for the perfect palette backdrop. The classic IVY & OAK business looks meet a certain contemporary magic through feminine Tuxedos and extra-wide trousers. Double-breasted coats are created from the softest of wool and are perfected by flowing and light fabrics, incorporating feminine delicacy. Statement-sleeves and chrome-free leather styles are seen throughout this special collection. One powerful, the other sweet, these capture the essence of this collection and are perfectly compatible.

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    One highlight of the season is the kid's capsule collection IVY & OAK Mini, made from 100 % organic cotton. With this collection, IVY & OAK is not only entering a new product category but also offering a partner look for mums and their minis. The kid's capsule collection completes the Fall/Winter collection and offers sustainable and timeless designs for the next generation.

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