The poetry of art

Spring Summer S/S 20

Returning to the essence of creation. Escaping the everyday life. Discovering a different side of yourself. Feeling free.

The IVY & OAK Spring Summer Collection 2020 honours the power of creativity in every woman and invites her to escape the conventional. With femininely flowing silhouettes and sculptural design detail, IVY & OAK creates a place where dreaming is once again in bloom. Inspired by female artists, both historical and graphic elements are reflected in this collection: Collages made of elegant plissé, sculptural sleeves and classic mille-fleur prints combined with contrasting stitching. The colour palette of porcelain shades, natural tones and refreshing light hues balances the delicate dichotomy between tenderness and power. It is both young and contemporary - without failing to find its counterpart.

    Look 1

    "Art is the essential way of expressing the emotions, impressions and thoughts that move people. Through art, the past is reaching out to us and in it we carry a piece of the present to the future."

    Caroline Gentz

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