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    Indigo was one of the first-ever dyes used in textile design and due to this legacy, it´s said to hold powers of intuition, vivacity and perception. This beautiful color will freshen up your wardrobe and will never go of style.

      Sustainable Lingerie Looks

      the kindest form of beauty

      Conscious fashion is important to us and we know it’s important to you too. These Lingerie inspired creations are not only sustainable, but also easy to wear from day to night.


        "Oh Boy"

        the boyfriend shirt

        Arguably one of the most versatile icons out there, the boyfriend shirt turns every look it touches into chic Parisian gold. Not only do these shirts promise the perfect boxy fit, they’re also made from organic cotton - who said the classics couldn’t be sustainable?


          The Ultimate Trenchcoat

          A MUST HAVE FOR ALL style aficionados

          Fashion trends may come and go, but trenchcoats are forever. Unrivalled in their versatility, trenchcoats are the ultimate investment and the perfect go-to outerwear. Whether you’re a lover of the classics or a unique spirit in search of some tailored flair - we’ve got the trench for you.

            Suit Up

            It's time for power dressing

            Every woman deserves a powerful suit in their arsenal. Our new ensembles challenge you to take control of your closet - and the boardroom. Whether you choose to wear yours to the office or as an effortlessly cool occasionwear alternative - these ensembles are a real game-changer. It’s time to strike your power pose.

              A Little Romance

              love is in the detail

              When adorning your closet, it can be easy to overkill style with detail - but our wistful creations strike the perfect chord. Embellished with delicate decoration, these feminine silhouettes are the breath of fresh air you've been dreaming of.

                "Inspiration is Everywhere"

                IVY & OAK COMMUNITY STYLE

                We love nothing more than seeing your unique expression of our designs. Take a look at some of our recent community favourites or just tag us in your personal IVY & OAK look @ivyoakstories #ivyoakwomen