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The Factories

‘We want to know the people we work with and build long-term relationships.’


    Our carefully selected factories are located mainly in Europe, where we produce 80% of our collections, and selected because of their excellent level of craftmanship, their geographical proximity and their commitment to sustainable fabrication. Working directly with our manufacturing partners and visiting them regularly, has allowed us to build strong relationships with them, which helps us to make sure that we all incorporate the same values in our way of working.


      We care and we ask questions, especially about fair working conditions and wages, work place safety and transparency. We require our partners to sign our corporate Code of Conduct, which defines social and environmental standards, such as the ILO core conventions.

      All new factories undergo assessments of their social and environmental practices prior to onboarding to ensure they fulfil our criteria. Once we work with a factory, we regularly visit because we believe that face to face contact is essential to build trusted relationships. We work with audits, questionnaires and risk assessments and monitor our suppliers’ performance. Together, we identify areas for improvements, set targets and collaborate to achieve common goals.

      Where we deem relevant, we also participate in industry initiatives and platforms. For example, we are a member of Amfori, one of the world’s largest organisations that helps companies manage responsible sourcing in their supply chain.

      You can view our Code of Conduct here:

        ‘We have found matching factories that share our vision with pride and continue to improve their business practices.’


          We’ve been working with many of our factory partners since our first collection, being impressed with their engagement in social and corporate responsibility.

          During our most recent visits at our suppliers in Bulgaria and North Macedonia we were able to see first-hand how they promote fair working conditions and workplace safety, including regular trainings and health check-ups for all employees.


            Fast fashion comes at a cheap price for consumers, but with a huge invisible price tag for workers and our planet. We want to do things differently and know where and how our clothes are produced and who sews them. Therefore, we always ask our suppliers for full transparency and we do not allow the use of any subcontractors without our prior knowledge and permission. We’re happy to have found factories in Europe and abroad that share our vision of responsibility.

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