‘When you know better,
you choose better’



We place a high value on ethics and the environment and have a mission to become more sustainable step by step. We aim to elevate consciousness among our customers, factories and within our own company.

We are not yet perfect, but we are working on exciting plans to fulfil our vision: full responsibility for our product, from sustainable raw materials to ethical manufacturing to quality that lasts longer than a season – all at a fair price for the customer.

The first step is transparency and understanding. At IVY & OAK, the product is at the core of everything we do. We reveal its true cost, broken down by each aspect of production. And we sell it to you at the price it deserves and should cost – not at what traditional retailers would charge for it.

We do things differently – so stay tuned, there is more to come. Together, we believe we can make a difference.


Retail markup

Traditional brands charge you 6-10x the true cost to go deep on discounts at the end of the season. Our prices are calculated right from the start (just 2-4x the true cost) and we have less promotional activity during the year – a fairer model for everyone.

Other costs

Cut out the middlemen: unlike the traditional fashion supply chain, we have direct supplier relationships and cut out all intermediaries. This not only improves transparency but helps us to invest the savings into what matters: the product.

True cost

Our garments are made with the same quality materials and manufactured using similar or better quality standards as those of other premium luxury brands.