IVY & OAK - Sustainability

We Care

‘For us sustainability is not a choice, it’s a necessity.’

That’s why we built IVY & OAK from day one upon the principle of creating and consuming fashion more consciously. This involves far more than the use of organic cotton or recycled cardboard boxes. We’ve committed to integrating sustainable and responsible business practices on all corporate levels, with the aim to reduce our ecological footprint while maximizing our positive social impact. Because we care. And we hope you do too.

    Follow the Journey

    Explore every step of our product creation and see for yourself what we do to make fashion sustainable.

    step 1 | Design for Longevity

    When we start designing a new piece, we keep its entire life cycle in mind, starting with the raw material up to the moment you hold it in your hands.

    step 2 | Choose Sustainable Fabrics

    Cultivating raw materials like cotton has a tremendous impact on our environment and local communities. Thus, selecting the right fabrics can really make a difference and generate positive impacts for farmers and our ecosystem.

    step 3 | Know the Makers

    Transparency about the origin of our pieces is part of our responsibility and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Take a look behind the scenes at our factories and find out who made your clothes.

    step 4 | Inside Our Company

    There is much more to a sustainable t-shirt than the organic cotton used to make it. We believe that it is our responsibility to strive for the most sustainable option on all corporate levels.

    step 5 | YOUR IMPACT

    Your awareness is your power and plays a big role when it comes to sustainable fashion. Discover more about how to make a valuable impact and reduce your ecological footprint on a daily basis.

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    The Factories