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‘We believe in responsible business practices and strive to incorporate sustainability on all levels.’


    We need ambitious action on climate change and we need it now. Here at IVY & OAK, our approach is to avoid, reduce and offset. It starts at our headquarters, which is entirely powered by green, renewable energy. The biggest part of the GHG (greenhouse gas) footprint of a fashion brand however lies in the supply chain. The majority of our products are manufactured in Europe which means shorter transportation ways and lower GHG emissions. For our production in China we started to adjust our planning timeline in order to enable the switch to rail transport which takes longer but significantly lowers our GHG footprint. We received the first products delivered by train and will push this approach further to reduce our climate impact even more in the future.

    Running an e-commerce brand, we face challenges that need careful consideration. That’s why we decided to compensate not only the CO2 emissions produced through the shipping of our package deliveries and returns, but also the emissions produced through the operation and usage of our website. We also want to increase our understanding of our products' individual footprints and reduce these gradually.


      To reach our offsetting goals, we’re partnering with the German NGO Klimakollekte. Through them we support a project that is dedicated to building domestic biogas units in South India, replacing the health – and environment threatening wood- and coal fired ovens with favourable biogas units, generating power through the fermentation of a natural, renewable and local resource: Cow dung. The project contributes to the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals through its social and environmental benefits.


        Operating responsibly as a company means that we’re always looking for the most sustainable option for everything we purchase and consume while running our business.

        We work with recycled materials for our packaging, using recycled paper and plastic for all our shipping boxes, wrap bags and hang- and security tags.

        From office supplies to cleaning products, we seek to use recycled, organic and biodegradable alternatives, preferably by brands that share our vision.

          ‘We are not perfect yet but we have already achieved a lot and are working on getting more sustainable each day.’


            Another fun way of incorporating sustainability into our business, is the repurposing of old garments. Take our bi-yearly sample sale for example, where we give our prototypes an after-season life, instead of sending them to landfills. We also donate clothes to local charities.

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