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Your Impact

‘We believe that together we can make a difference because every choice has an impact.’

Creating and consuming fashion more consciously go hand in hand. We do not only want you to know what exactly is behind the product you’re buying, but also how you can maintain it for the longest time possible. Positive change happens through responsible and sustainable choices that we all can incorporate in our everyday life. Because every action counts and every choice has an impact.


    It’s not always easy to find the right size or figure out if the piece you’ve thrown your eyes on will fit you well. We try to help you find your right size and fitting information by offering you the exact measurements for all our pieces and a using the size recommendation service True Fit. That way, you can choose better and buy only what really fits and together we can reduce CO2 emissions created through unnecessary shipping. A true win-win situation, right?


      Don’t be irritated by the temperature written on your wash tag – it is best for the environment and your clothes to wash less and only cold or at a maximum of 30 degrees. No problem with our modern washing machines, which clean your clothes perfectly well even with lower temperatures than suggested. This does not only save water, it also saves energy and thereby harmful CO2 emissions. And have you thought about switching to a more environmentally friendly washing detergent, yet? They’re found at almost any supermarket by now and a great alternative to classic washing detergents that often consist of harmful, chemical substances.


        You’ve probably heard of microplastics polluting our oceans and entering the food chain. During the washing of synthetic fibres such as polyester, microplastic particles are released and make their way into our water systems. You can prevent that by using a Guppyfriend bag, a genius washing bag that filters micro-plastic, saving our marine life – and our conscience.


          Sometimes dry-cleaning doesn't seem necessary at first sight, but there are good reasons why some of our items are recommended to be dry-cleaned. A lot of our designs come with shoulder pads, delicate fabric layers and sophisticated details, such as attached buttons or bow ties. These features do not wash well in regular washing machines, which is why we recommend dry-cleaning to ensure that your garments remain in perfect condition for seasons to come.

          Since dry-cleaning often involves the use of toxic chemicals, we suggest you look out for eco-friendly dry-cleaners in your area to 'clean green'. Natural fibres such as viscose have the tendency to shrink when first washed. To avoid greater shrinkage, we recommend to wash styles made from delicate viscose cold and place them in a wash bag. Modern washing machines have a delicate cycle (or hand wash cycle), washing with less agitation and slow spin, perfect for delicate fabrics.

            ‘In the end, it all comes down to us and how we use our power to create change’


              Buy less and wear what you own more often. It seems boring at first, but you can try new combinations or have a piece altered to change its style. There are many options and every piece in your closet deserves attention.

                PASS IT ON

                Give old clothes a second life. Once you’re over that amazing dress or perfect shirt, don’t leave it hanging unnoticed in your closet for the next few years or worse, throw it away. Look out for local clothing swaps and pass it on for someone new to fall in love.

                We’re all responsible for what we consume and how we consume. The more we look out for one another and share our vision in supporting fair working conditions and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, the faster we will make a difference for this world.

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